Big Nest Productions


“It is wisdom to aim at the best end by the best means.”
Our mission is to create media for children that are affirming guests in their homes, constructive occupiers of their time, enriching friends, and positive teachers.

Media is an Invited Guest

“The influence of the media on the psychosocial development of children
is profound.”
National Institute of Health

Media is a Full-time Job

“FYI, parents.
Your kids watch a full-time job’s worth of TV each week – 35 hours.”
TIME Magazine

Media is a Best Friend

“A whopping 72 percent of children
eight and under have used
tablets or smartphones.”
Common Sense Media

Media is a Powerful Teacher

“As many little babies and one-year-olds have used smartphones or tablets today as all kids under eight had done
just two years ago.”
Common Sense Media


"Those of us in broadcasting have a special calling to give whatever we feel is the most nourishing that we can for our audience.
We are servants of those who watch and listen." – Fred Rogers
“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can."

With media occupying more and more of children’s time, we organized as a non-profit to improve the everyday life and future of children. There has to be “better” for children. There needs to be “the best” as the standard for children’s media, which is the standard we have adopted.
Our creative process and final creations are mindful of a child’s intellectual/cognitive and social/emotional developmental needs, as well as spiritual growth. We serve children so they will thrive and inspire others.
We are faith-based in concept as a community on a mission. In wanting what is best for children, we are simply extending ourselves as God’s helpers to serve children.
The quotes on our website (unless otherwise noted) are words of the Rev. John Wesley. A contemporary with whom we share a vision - also a "Rev." - was Fred Rogers. These are his words which inspire us, “I’m so convinced that the space between the screen and the viewer is holy ground, and that what we put on the screen can, by the Holy Spirit, be translated into what this person needs to see and hear.” Mr. Rogers was correct – as usual!


    Means of communication that reach very large numbers of children and families: original series for television; radio; DVD’s; CD’s


    Means of communication through printed resources and/or desk-top publishing: original children’s church curricula; small group curricula


    Means of communication focused on face to face interaction via live programs for children and families


“We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves.”
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Doug is a creative communicator. His leadership over many years in original programs and memorable contributions to children’s media have impacted thousands of children.
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Co-Founder & Creative Director
Darla’s life’s work is to creatively communicate to children and families. Her blend of artistry (BFA Visual Communications) with the discipline of a compassionate theologian to children, forms the foundation of Big Nest.
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Production and Post-production
Whether it’s lighting, shooting, or audio, Wilson does it all. He travels across the country working with Fortune 500 companies, making him a valuable team member. Growing up, he traveled across the country doing live programs for kids, becoming a skilled puppeteer at an early age. Wilson is a gifted musician and composer.
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Production & Post-production
As a videographer, Nick has a creative eye for telling the story through the camera lens and has a passion for editing. He’s tallied hours in the studio with kids for broadcast and cable programs. As a practitioner of things kids love, Nick is a puppeteer with many voices…and a magician…and a kids’ songs lyricist.
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Development & Production
A self titled nerd from a small town in New York called Walton, Nic is multi-talented. His contributions to Big Nest have included story and script development, parody music writing and camera work.
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Katie is a visually creative and practical theologian. She works as a Children’s Pastor, shepherding a flock of 150 children weekly, plus her own 5 little lambs ages 6 to 12. Her knowledge and insight gained from working on the front-line in the diverse pasture of children is valuable to Big Nest.
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Lillie loves kids and kids love her. She has the ability to step into the mind of a child based on strong memories from childhood; in her journey to adulthood she did not forget what it’s like to be a child. Her specialty is “tiny humans” – early childhood – and advocating for them.
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Josh loves preteens and sees their value while others turn their eyes from this age group. He has hands-on experience with diverse groups, culturally and economically. Josh is a practical theologian who pastors families. This setting allows for his original ideas to be developed and applied.

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